What Clients are Saying about our Drone Services

DeAngelis Diamond Construction - Amavida Project

 “I have had the pleasure of working with Bill (Eagle Eyes USA) over the last few years and can say it has been an extreme pleasure. He provides a level of service and professionalism that stands above his competition. The quality of photos and aerials is superb. They take the time to understand the project and expectations to provide a product that is exactly what we want. I will certainly continue using Eagle Eyes on future projects.”

Jeffery Miller 

Senior Project Manager


Seven Lakes Golf & Tennis Community

 The Eagle Eyes product is quality.  As a large association, we were able to see that site surveying via drone offers 

several key features.  It is an alternative to an expensive labor survey of buildings, and it also provides an image database

that our association can utilize each year to see the building concerns.  By having a pro operate the equipment, Eagle Eyes

presents a product that is very timely and exceeded all of our expectations on both organization of images, explanation of

how to view, and overall professionalism that is appreciated.  After our satisfaction with Bill’s product, we’ve also used him for

our marketing video.  Again, the professionalism and quality of the product were great.  It is great to see a small business take such

pride in the quality and customer service of their work.  Eagle Eyes is highly recommended!

Sean Wilson 

General Manager

Aqua at Pelican Isle

  Bill Holderby reached out to us a while back and shared how he could use a drone to do a vertical inspection of our two buildings. He not only provided high resolution photos but also 4K video of the outside of all areas of the building. He also gave us rooftop shots and aerials of our property as a whole.

His vertical inspection photos have led to extensive warranty work being performed on areas of our building that were not as they should be. His drone photos provided critical information to our engineering firm, construction company and the painting contractors who are doing the makeup work. His service has been simply invaluable to us. We are grateful to Eagle Eyes UAS and Bill Holderby for helping bring this information to our attention sooner rather than later.

We highly recommend his services.

Linda Yasi 

General Manager

Notary Public

Stonebridge Country Club

 After Hurricane Irma  resulted in damage to Stonebridge Country Club it was suggested by our insurance broker to have drone footage of the whole property so that if we were to be impacted by another hurricane we would have improved pre-storm documentation.  This began Stonebridge’s relationship with Eagle Eyes.  After Bill Holderby’s presentation of the various features we determined that there were many uses for Eagle Eyes’ services, from identifying and documenting community standards violations to identifying property lines and measuring distances.  Stonebridge looks forward to a long and trusted relationship with Eagle Eye and more specifically with Mr Holderby.

Tim Jones, CCM CCE, CAM 

General Manager/COO  

Provincetown Condo Association

The Board of Directors and the Management Company are totally happy with the quality of work Eagle Eyes has done for the Provincetown Condo. Assoc. community. 

After going thru a major flood on August 27, 2017, followed by Hurricane IRMA on Sept. 10, 2017 the community was devastated by the large amount of damage and knew we would eventually have to work with the Insurance companies, which is a daunting task. 

I met Bill Holderby at a Managers meeting which he introduced his company, Eagle Eyes, and explained the many benefits having Drone video and pictures can offer in the event of an event like Hurricane IRMA.

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Provincetown Condo Continued...

   The Provincetown Condo Assoc. Board of Directors hired Eagle Eye immediately.

Since we started with Bill, Eagle Eyes has been on the property numerous times doing; Fly Overs, video work, many pictures and a complete orthomosaic  with valuable information.

By having Eagle Eye doing the work, Provincetown can now send pictures, video, orthomosaic documentation direct to the Insurance companies and their adjusters, which in turn speeds up the claim process and totally eliminates the grief and difficult times associated with putting in a claim.

Awesome Company! Thank You,

Bill Elia

Provincetown Condo Assoc.

Property Manager

Florida licensed Community Association Manager  

LSI Companies



“Bill is always very responsive and is willing to go out of his way to get the drone shots requested. His top-of-the-line equipment delivers hi-resolution images and crisp results.”

Richard Yager 

Senior Marketing Manager