Drone Services

Our Services include but are not limited to what is listed below.

Drone Technology is affecting almost every industry. From construction, to surveying, from ecological engineering to Police/Fire & Rescue. Inspections of bridges, roofs, railways, utility power lines and cell phone towers are just a few examples of how this technology can mitigate risks, and capture ultra detailed imagery in a variety of formats in much shorter periods of time compared with past techniques for data gathering.

Drone services in general and drone photography and video 

are changing the way we do things. 

Data capture, image capture, tracking, monitoring, 

comparing, sharing and showing...

all part of what this new technology 

is capable of delivering. TODAY!

Specific Areas We Work With our Drone Services


CAMs, HOAs & Community Associations

Luxury High-Rise Inspections


We can do weekly/monthly Aerial HD photos, 4K video updates. We also can provide Orthomosaic Imagery 


Owners of these projects love the ability to see their dreams and projects come to life. This is something every project manager should be using to communicate to his owners and as well as his management team. Through the use of drone services and specifically drone photography and video, the way construction sites are managed and information shared, it is a new day.

Luxury High-Rise Inspections

CAMs, HOAs & Community Associations

Luxury High-Rise Inspections


We can document before, during and after projects i.e. painting, pool work,
windows, ac unit replacement and more.
​By getting a birds eye view of what the actual condition of the property and building is
before paying to have work done.

We can also produce 4K video of the entire location with music and YouTube link.

Drone services and  specifically drone photography and video are allowing us to get up close with these tall buidlings allowing us to see things early on to be proactive instead of reactive.

CAMs, HOAs & Community Associations

CAMs, HOAs & Community Associations

CAMs, HOAs & Community Associations


Hurricanes, severe weather, and life can take its toll on communities. Ever argue with your insurance company? Through the use of drone services like drone photography and video we can get important information you never could before. Especially using orthomosaic imagery (Think Google Earth on Steroids), You can now document your community year over year as things change. Serving Naples, Bonita Springs, Fort Myers, Punta Gorda all the way up to Tampa and down to Marco Island.

Commercial Landscaping

Turf Management (Golf Courses)

CAMs, HOAs & Community Associations

Annotated Ortho Shot

Doing tree counts, measuring areas, street lengths, elevations, and more. Aerial imagery through the use of orthomosaic imagery is the new way of managing large landscape projects and saving on labor, time and additional costs. Through our drone services and particulary drone photography we are poised to help and industry and business evolve and capure more data for them and their customers. Serving Marco Island, Naples, Bonita Springs, Fort Myers, all the way up to Tampa.

Hi End Commercial Real Estate

Turf Management (Golf Courses)

Turf Management (Golf Courses)


Showing off commercial properties is now even better. With aerial shots you can show off the entire piece of real estate and give background context. Again, drone services through the use of drone photography and video can show off real estate in places like Fort Myers, Naples, Marco Island, Bonita Springs and more.

Turf Management (Golf Courses)

Turf Management (Golf Courses)

Turf Management (Golf Courses)


Primary Objectives are to:

Reduce water use

Lower chemical or nutrient costs

Improve course aesthetics

Preserve resources during drought

Increase labor efficiency. Through the use of drone services and donre photography we are able to do things the golf industry never could have dreamt of. Serving all over Naples, Bonita Springs, Fort Myers and surrounding golf communities.