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About Us

Mission Statement

Vision Statement & Core Values

Bill Holderby - Owner/Founder

About Us

We Are Eagle Eyes UAS, ​​a Drone Service Co. Licensed FAA Part 107  & Insured $1M Bodily & Property



Mission Statement

Eagle Eyes UAS is focused on the use of Drone Services and Technology for the benefit of data acquisition for companies. ​Including greater details, faster flow of information and the ability to share with all involved parties within a business or community. We are also committed to an ongoing education process that keeps us out in front of our competition  and on the cutting edge of this fast-growing industry. Drone photography and video is changing the way we do things.

Vision Statement


  To become the preeminent go to Drone Services Company in Florida for construction companies, 

luxury hi-rises, community associations and other businesses requiring drone photography and video inspection data. Aerial photography can provide information previously unobtainable.
​ Using aerial HD imagery and 4K Video we are 

living the future today!

Core Values


 WE VALUE ....
Our Faith in God
Doing Business with a servant mentality
Integrity in all we say and do
Building long-term relationships
Valuing those we work with and those who work for us
Inspiring leadership and excellence in all we meet
Conducting ourselves professionally in all our business dealings


Bill Holderby - Owner/Founder

UAS Solutions Director - Professional Drone Pilot -

Bill graduated from Bradley University with a B.S. in Engineering Physics (M.E. Emphasis). He also began his leadership skills as President of the Student Body. Upon graduation he went into the corporate world working for AT&T with one of the TOP 10 Phase 1 Post Divestiture Clients.

Later, he entered the world of entrepreneurship and became self-employed, working with and helping to create several marketing and direct sale companies. At one point in his life, he found himself attached to a company product where sales were at $250,000 per month and with the help of a team he built, they reached over $2M per month.

Bill has always been a semi-nerd be it with computers or other technologies. He worked previously for over a 1 1/2 years with another drone service company constantly learning and growing in his craft with drone services


Bill has authored various articles on the use of drones for community associations. His focus is luxury hi-rise inspection imagery, construction site updates (orthomosaics), community inspections i.e. rooftops etc..., landscape operations planning for large scale communities and he also deals in high end commercial land aerial imagery . Drone photography and video is important and should be done correctly and Bill is committed to doing just that.

He conducts educational presentations all over town with businesses to help them understand the true potential with drone technology.  Aerial photography can provide solutions to many problems the previously could not be addressed.

He has two certified CEU classes on drones (1 hr. & 2 hr.)

Bill is a newly elected board member of COMA, and is also a member of CAI. 

He volunteers at AVOW hospice and Pelican Church & Community Center teaching English as a 2nd language. He was also volunteer of the year for Junior Achievement (Collier county in 2016).

Married, committed to a servant mentality and a Believer, his work is focused on under promising and over delivering. It must be a "Win-Win" all the way around.